Buy Synthroid

Synthroid - hormonal drug. Active Levothyroxine's ingredient - Thyroid gland hormone of synthetic origin, which has anabolic effect in small doses (stimulation of protein production). The average drug's dose increases tissues oxygen need, the activity of cardiovascular, nervous central system, stimulates fats', proteins', carbohydrates' metabolism. High levothyroxine's doses may reduce the hormone production of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland (produced in brain by the endocrine glands).

Indications for use:
Synthroid is effective in primary and secondary hypothyroidism with a inborn thyroid gland function's deficiency, going with a decrease in physical, mental activity, in the recurrence prevention of malignant thyroid nodules after surgery. Synthroid is used in treatment of euthyroid hyperplasia, Graves disease, which is characterized by thyroid gland increase and its functions.

Instructions for use:
At the beginning of treatment Synthroid is taken in small doses - 12.5-25 mcg/day. Daily and supporting consists from an average of 25-200 mcg. Pills are taken once a day before meals for 20 -30 min. The dose for congenital hypothyroidism's treatment to children up to six months is established as 25 - 50 mcg of Synthroid; for children aged one year - as 60 mcg, aged 1-5 - up to 100mcg; for children of 6-12 years - to 150 mcg; for children after 12 - up to 200 mcg/day. Adults (with hyperthyroidism) appointment consists from 25-100 mcg/day, gradually increasing the dose (every 2-3 weeks on 25- 50 mcg ) to maintenance - 125-250 mcg/day. After surgery of removing thyroid gland's malignant tumor is given a Synthroid's dose of 300 mcg/day.